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The Advanced Training Network

The ESRC recently launched our new Advanced Training Network with the aim of creating an integrated, national network of advanced training and to facilitate access to that training for all social science postgraduate researchers.

Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs), the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) and the Researcher Development Initiative (RDI) all advertise their training on the NCRM training database (

ESRC is now launching a consultation, involving key stakeholders in the training being delivered, to assess what training might be missing, what further training is needed either to fill a gap or enhance capacity, and how access to the training on offer might be improved.

It seeks not to fill every gap but to identify where there are particular nationally leading and significant training which are not part of the network, or where demand for advanced training significantly outstrips supply.

This website has been designed for participants in the consultation to assess what training is potentially available, based on what training ran or was advertised in the period Oct 2011 until May 2012. It should be noted however that much of the provision is 'one off' and so points to a capacity to deliver such training, rather than provision that is available on an ongoing basis. It should also be noted that this is the first year of the network and the amount and types of training on offer is likely to grow in subsequent years.

The website allows you to search for examples of training as well as allowing you to browse by category (these being based on NCRM's 'A Typology of Research Methods Within the Social Sciences - Beissel-Durrant (2004)'. It also makes it possible to view maps which show where different kinds of training is taking place across the UK.

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